About Us

Founded in 1990, Rotan Marketing is a leading provider of complete security solutions. Projects start with a consulting and planning phase, followed by installation of the systems and testing, as well as maintenance. Our low voltage systems include: internal and peripheral alarm systems, CCTVs, digital recording systems, fire and smoke alarm systems, computerized access controls, communication systems & switchboards, and warning sirens.

All our solutions are customizable to fit structures of any size. Our solutions can provide peripheral protection, internal protection, or both. All our alarm systems comply with the most stringent standards and regulatory regulations.

Our solutions are available to business customers (B2B) and private customers (B2C). Our teams meet the highest professional standards, and our systems comply with regulations and international standards.

Our customers include local and international SMEs/SMBs such as companies,  academic institutions, defense industries, utility & infrastructure services, manufacturing factories, and the hospitality sector.