Our range of security cameras is suitable for private homes and business buildings. Systems will be equipped with the latest and updated technology recording devices and cameras that best fit the needs of the customer.

Fire Systems

We have extensive experience in installing a wide range of fire &  smoke alarm systems at private homes and business premises, taking any safety requirements into consideration.

Fire and Smoke Alarm systems are integrated with automatic fire extinguishers, designed to provide  solutions for high risk areas such as warehouses, flammable spaces and the like. A wide range of detectors are suitable for different types of areas and customer requirements. All systems meet the  requirements  of the Standards Institute  of the State of Israel.

Alarm Systems

We design and install outdoor and indoor computerized alarm systems according to the needs of the costumer.

Access Control

We provide a wide range of access control solutions for entering buildings and offices. Our systems allow for monitoring and control of various areas (e.g., hallways, exits, parking lots, server rooms, etc.) where movement of people coming in and out is  critical. This allows a systematic regulation of the entering and leaving of visitors, employees, guests, etc. Our systems include management software as well as a variety of controllers and proximity readers. Detailed reports on the history of departures and arrivals of employees can be generated at any moment.

Communication Systems & Switchboards

We provide and install high-quality computer and telephone communication networks that meet the needs of the customer. Our innovative  telephone communication solutions are suitable for offices and businesses of various sizes. Based on our extensive experience, we are able to provide and install a wide range of communication solutions switchboards and VOIP systems.

Public Address (PA Systems)

For public safety, we provide systems designed for both security and background music for use in public buildings (office buildings, schools, factories, and more). Our systems are highly reliable and have low maintenance as well as a long lifespan. Upon request, we supply Public Address systems that meet the requirements of European and American standards.